Sunday, April 3, 2011

Breath of fresh air!

So there is this commercial out that my husband says is me to a T. It has a guy that comes out of the house for the first time since the beginning of winter and acts like it was a cold, scary nightmare. I hate winter. Actually, I just hate being cold. I'm so happy that the forecast for the next week is sunny and seventy! Today I took the girls out for some fresh air and picture taking.

I love this next picture, it's as if Harleigh is saying "Why can't the weather be this nice all the time, Ma?"

That last one there is my favorite. She's such a sweet, curious little spirit. They both are really. Hopefully my next blog will include some pictures and commentary about my latest venture... Baby Bows. I started making hair bows and selling them (along with some jewelry I made) at a new shop in town. But like I said, that'll be for another blog.

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  1. What beautiful children you have been blessed with, and a wonderful family! Found you through your sweet MIL on Facebook! Kimberly and I have been cyber friends for quite some time. Beautiful blog!