Monday, July 18, 2011

Wet-n-wild birthday

I dropped the ball. The birthday party was amazing. It was a total success. We had a blast with so many friends and family and I got so caught up in the celebration that I forgot to take pictures! I got the most important stuff, but we won't be able to remember everyone who was there. That really bums me out.

 From the very beginning Paislee told everyone who asked that she wanted a mermaid costume. Not just any mermaid costume, a purple one! So,when her birthday rolled around, her birthday wish was granted.

These are the bare bones of Paislee's cupcake birthday cake!

And, of course, we did the traditional first birthday "cake smash!"

And, of course, Grandpa Bob was there to help!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Harleigh's first birthday has come and gone. She is officially one year old. Normally, I would be saddened by this but we have yet to have her party! There is so much more "first" excitement to come! I can't wait to catch all of these memories in my camera!
Speaking of firsts... she got her very first goose egg on her forehead this afternoon. Poor gal.
Quickly turned into... This.
Now, I had a hard time getting a good angle on this bump and I still didn't succeed in doing it justice... it's pretty huge.

Harleigh got a new sandbox for her birthday... with BLUE SAND! Yippee! She has so much fun playing in that thing, that I'll overlook the fact that the stinking sand is so fine it sticks to everything and makes a HUGE mess! :)

This is one of my favorite things about living in Podunk, USA!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A little bit of splish, a little bit of splash

With the recent happenings in the news I feel the need to show a little extra love to my girls. They are complete and total blessings to my life. I wouldn't feel whole without them and I pray I never lose them. Children bring such joy to this world, each one of them should be loved and protected like precious jewels. I believe 100% that one day, in a place far from here, they will be.

As promised I took my camera to the pool and captured some priceless moments.

 This picture is SO Harleigh. This is how she walks everywhere.
Such a priss. <3

Paislee and I made a special trip to the local snowcone stand. She had her little heart set on a PURPLE one! I got her regular ol' grape but she sure loved it.
The "snowcone experience" was a success!

Last but not least I am proud to announce that my littlest love bug is celebrating her very first birthday tomorrow!! This past year has FLOWN by and it couldn't have been any more enjoyable.
This momma is so in love with this baby girl!
Happy Birthday
Harleigh Rae Tatum!!