Thursday, April 14, 2011


One of the most therapeutic things I've done in quite some time is take a ride down dirt roads with my husband and girls. The wind was cool but the air was warm. It smelled like spring and we were so at ease and happy and silly. It was amazing. We stopped by a special place to say hello to a soul even sweeter than the lingering smell of this afternoon's rain.  
I never got to meet Will's grandma but I know she was a remarkable woman. Everyone who knew her will tell you that. I know because EVERYONE who knew her has told me that. <3

After the shower and tornado scare we played in the back yard with some bubbles. I should have taken a decent picture of Will twirling with the bubble wand like a little fairy... but I didn't. Instead I got these.

And just in case you forgot how stunning my kiddos are...

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