Friday, September 23, 2011

On the town

I feel so sorry for my poor camera. I picture is as a toy from Toy Story. It's probably so happy after I use it all day, day after day. Then I get busy, or just down right lazy, and my camera gets sad and wonders if I still love it.
I'm on a mission to make my camera feel loved again! I took it with me on my outing with the girls today and this is what we came home with:

Since Paislee has started school again Harleigh and I get a lot of time together and we do take a lot of pictures. I feel a little bad that I have so many more pictures of her than Pais. Another reason to give my camera more lovin'.
Here are some Harleigh/Mama moments:

I'll never stop taking pictures of my girls... but my goal is to make my next post about other things. For example:
This is my new front door. Well, its my old door just painted red. It looked a little plain so I painted our name on the bottom. I hope to find a pretty fall wreath to put above it soon.

Happy Fall!