Monday, April 11, 2011

Way of Life

I absolutely LOVE living in a small town. I love the small town way of life. While everything is not perfect or as simple as it once was, it seems to be years behind the rest of the world. I went to school in a larger town and it was not cool to grow up on a farm, help with chores, or be involved in organizations like FFA or 4-H. I am so glad that my children have the opportunity to not only be apart of these but to do so with little criticism.
Aaaaaanyway, I had a pretty amazing weekend. Will and I got a much needed date night, we spent all day Saturday at taking a mini road trip, ending up at Tulip Time. Of course I forgot my camera so you'll just have to imagine it. Paislee got her face painted, road rides, and filled up on junk food. It was perfect.
The rest of the weekend was spent just enjoying the weather and being together!

Paislee sure loves to go fishing. She has her own Little Pink Princess Pole and everything. She left it at my mom's house so she didn't have it on this particular fishing trip but obviously that didn't stop her!

Will has been teaching Paislee the "proper" way to shoot. Here she is looking down the sights and lining up her target. :)

 As you can see Harleigh got a hold of my lens cap and, of course, lost it. I bet I looked for it for hours. Under the leaves, on the sidewalk, in the flowers... I gave up, upset that it was gone forever.  It ended up being in the house, on the kitchen floor. Don't ask me.

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