Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 1 - 3 Weeks Packed into One Day!

I know that last night was technically "Day One" but today is the first day that I'm really getting started with posting pictures and sharing details of my day. These pictures are from the last past few weeks..

I'll start with the most recent first. The girls and I have been playing inside this morning since it's chilly out.

This is little Miss Harleigh Rae. She is 8 months old and a little ball of fire! She fights my bows but we've been "practicing" wearing them around the house even when we have nowhere to go.

Paislee is three going on thirteen! She has quite the attitude sometimes but she probably gets it from me. She LOVES playing dress-up in her "princess dresses".

Paislee and Harleigh love playing together! Here are some random snapshots taken everywhere.


The girls and I took a trip to Arkansas to visit Grandma Mary. We went to the zoo and watered Grandma's flowers, taking turns with cousins Caelie and Baylen.

This is cousin Trason. He is the only boy in the whole bunch! He's a goofball!

Baylen is Trason's sister and, well, she's a goofball too. But you should meet their mama, they don't stand a chance being any other way! :)

Paislee found herself up a tree at Aunt Leslie's house! 

DONE! That is all for today. I've spent way too much time on this today but I hope you've enjoyed it. I also hope that as I go along I'll get the hang of blogging. Maybe the next blog will be less about the past and more about the present. <3

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